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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 3, 5777
Shalom. I was a prisoner for 5 years and for those 5 years i have had many dreams that have caused me much confusion and distress. I am not jewish that i know of but because of these dreams i cannot stop studying Torah. I know there must be more too it but i cannot grasp the answer. I believe H" is trying to tell me something but i need help understanding what it may be. Any help would be greatly welcomed and i thank you for your precious time. May H" bless You and Todah Rabbah
Dreams are not prophecy and one should be careful not to confuse the two! Don’t take dreams too seriously, but as an indication what thoughts or fears pre-occupy your conscious and sub-conscious. In addition, any occurrence in life which catalyzes self-awareness and helps you organize your ideals and beliefs, and gets you to be a better, more thinking and idealistic person, can and should be used for your benefit. In general, Judaism isn’t at all interested in converts, and prefers for everyone to love themselves as they are and as God, Who created them, loves them.
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