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Mezzuzah for Non Jew


Rabbi David Sperling

Iyyar 18, 5773
I am a Christian, and I see Jews as my brothers and sisters. Can I have a Mezuza in my home?
Thank you for your interesting question. It is always heartwarming to see that many non-Jewish people have a deep respect and love for the Jewish people. May you be blessed to spread love and understanding to all the world, and help bring all to a true love of the Jewish people and their G-d. As you are probably aware, the Jewish religion holds a special place for non-Jews who wish to come close to serve the L-rd and be part of His world. We do not believe that one is either a Jew and "saved" or a non-Jew and therefore (heaven forbid) "cursed". Rather, all of humanity has a part in the service of bringing G-dliness into this world. This special service for the non-Jew is called the Noachide laws, and they are a complete system for the whole world to elevate itself from idol worship, and live holy lives. Perhaps the most basic concept in these laws is a recognition that G-d has a special covenant with the Jewish people, that, beginning with Abraham, expressed itself in the giving of the Torah (including the Ten Commandments) on Mount Sinai. Because of this special relationship, the commands for the Jewish people are different for those for non-Jews. And though many of these commands may be performed also by non-Jews, some of them that express the special nature of the relationship between G-d and His People, are for Jews alone. The Mezuzah is one such law. Because the Mezuzah represents that special covenant between the Jews and G-d, non-Jews are not allowed to keep this law. So, in answer to your question – no, you should not put up a Mezuzah in your home. As you see the Jews in a loving and close relationship, and as you obviously respect them, it is only correct that you don't offend them by taking the Mezuzah which for the Jew is a special sign of a Jewish house, and use it for another purpose, of showing your love for the Jews. May I suggest that your love for the Jewish people could find other ways of expressing itself. Perhaps I could suggest - working with your congregation on pro-Israel activities; working against anti-Semitism wherever it shows its ugly head; praying for the peace of Israel; visiting the Holy Land; working against missionary activities which all try to distance Jews from their holy heritage. If you desire some Jewish objects for your house as a physical reminder of your love for the Jews, there is much Jewish art available, and many books by great Jewish writers that will add knowledge and bring you closer to all that is holy and pure. Blessings.
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