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Do non-Jews or non-Noahides go to heaven?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 7, 5779
Shalom Rabbi, I am a Noahide and live by the 7 Noahide Laws. Though I have many friends and loved ones who follow a myriad of different faiths, mostly Christians, among other denominations. My question is one regarding mercy. I know many people do not follow the Noahide code out of ignorance, not malice. I would like to know if they would be given a chance to repent after getting confirmation of the Truth of G-d. In other words, do all non-Noahides inevitably disappear after death with no possibility of repentance and a share in the world to come, or is such repentance after death possible? And if not, does that mean 99% of Humanity currently is doomed to oblivion? With deep respect.
God loves all of His children and blesses them according to their actions. Obviously it would be great if all gentiles were officially Noachides and recognize the importance of Israel and the Torah of Israel (and accordingly, their share in the world-to-come is especially significant), but even if not, if they do follow the 7 Noachide laws, then they also go to heaven (albeit on a lower level). I’m sure that most Christians (including all of the Protestants, and many other denominations, even many Catholics) don't believe anymore that a man was God, and I imagine that many rational Buddhists today also don't believe the pagan idea that a man or idol could be God. Probably the most challenging of the 7 is to be totally careful not to steal or even slightly mislead, in business. In short, many, probably even most gentiles, go to heaven.
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