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What do to and not to do on the Sabbath?


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Kislev 19, 5769
Shalom Rabbi, I am a gentile American who loves the Jewish People and The Nation Of Israel . I want to know what to do and not to do on the Sabbath. I want to be a Sabbath Keeper and to do it right. by the HolyScriptures not by man made sayings and I want to learn more about the true sabbath day and I know the true sabbath day is not Sunday and I know it is a saturday. I just striving for truthand I hope you can help me? Shalom
Keeping Shabbat perfectly according to Halachah [Jewish law] is practically impossible without an intense and long study period in addition to spending time with a Shabbat observing family several times over. The details of Shabbat are so immense and complex you can’t cover them in an email or even one book. Let alone the fact that Shabbat laws are for Jews to follow and non-Jews are free from that burden. You can enjoy Shabbat with a relaxing stroll or a nice meal appreciating the fact G-d had rested from creation on this day.
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