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Shabbat- did i transgress a mitzvah against doing malacha


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 22, 5772
Im staying in Israel for a month, and yesterday I sent a friend of mine ( who im not sure is Jewish, ) an article that I wrote that she wanted to incorparate into a video. I assumed that the video would be broadcasted this sunday, so as not to interfere with any malacha on shabbat. however, i just checked on facebook, and the event ( time slot to which she would be broadcasting the video is from 8 pm tonight to 2 am on Sunday.) Since IM in Israel, keeping shabbat here, i knew that the video wouldnt be broadcasted while I WAS KEEPING SHABBAT. But when my friend emailed me asking me if she could take a quote and put it into the video ( whch I just found out would be playing anytime between 8 and 2 am) did i transgress any mitzvot against malacha? I dont know if shes Jewish, and the video wouldnt be playing while I was keeping shabbat, but If i were in new Jersey, or Queens, where i normally am for shabbat, I would stil be keeping Shabbat until around 9 pm! Basically, what I want to know is, did i transgress any mitzvot against malacha, did I do an avera by allowing this girl who may-may not be Jewish, put something that I wrote onto a video, that may or may not have been broadcasted between 8 and 9 pm ( where i would be keeping shabbat had i been in NY or NJ this month?) Did i do an avera, if so what was it? ( I was unaware of any possiblilty of a committed avarea, until I sent her an email about 30 min ago, after I had heard havdalah of course.) please let me know as soon as you can! Thank you, and have a great weekend!
Based on the information which I understood from your question, since you yourself did no Melacha and neither did you request for melacha to be done on Shabbat there was no chilul Shabbat. Although something you prepared was used it either was done by a gentile, or even in the case if the person in question is Jewish, it was not with your consent and in New York at that time it was not yet Shabbat. Therefore again there was no Chilul Shabbat. However, to prevent problems in the future you should express yourself clearly that you do not want materials you prepared to be used on Shabbat.
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