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How Can We Know There Is a G-d?

How can we know with certainty that there is a G-d?


Rabbi Oriel Twito

Sivan 18 5782
Translated by Hillel Fendel

Question: How can we know with certainty that there is a G-d?

Answer: There are several approaches. For one thing, it is customary that people accept and believe that which most of the world believes. We believe many geographical and historic "facts" even though we have no way of actually checking them – simply because most of the world believes in them. And in fact, most of the world believes in the existence of G-d; those who do not, comprise a small minority among the world's population – so small that we don't really have to take it into consideration.

But for those who live in a society where lack of belief is not uncommon, or who otherwise have a hard time finding their way to G-d, I can suggest some other approaches.

Let us begin with the fact that G-d's existence can be derived from the Torah and from our tradition. They teach us about the prophets who spoke with Him and transmitted His word to us.

One who has difficulty with this approach can use his own intellect to reach G-d. There are several proofs of G-d's existence, and our rabbis have discussed them and written of them. Even non-Jewish scholars have written proofs of G-d's existence.

And yet with all the above, I would say that the best proof of G-d's existence is none other than Jewish history. Anyone who studies the chronicles of the Jewish People will see that its continued survival, up through the establishment of the State of Israel and beyond, can simply not be explained in a natural manner. No people in the world experienced the hardships, persecution, and dispersal that we did – and for so many centuries, at that – and yet managed not only to survive, but thrive. This was predicted by G-d's word via the Prophets – and thus the Nation of Israel is the best living evidence that G-d exists.

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