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    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    How Do We Know There Is a G-d?

    How do we know there is a G-d?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Kislev 21 5783
    Jewish Thought

    Is the Faith of Israel the Absolute True and Correct Faith?

    For me, as someone searching for the truth of life, my question is: Is Judaism 100% correct? I have tested the Jewish faith from many angles – its tradition, its logical proofs, its prophecies – and they all seem to indicate that Judaism is the right approach. But is there even the smallest possible chance that I am mistaken? Could it be that the tradition was corrupted, or that the events in the Torah exaggerated? Could the proofs be incorrect because we have forgotten to include one detail in the equation? Could it be that the fulfillment of the prophecies is simply an amazing coincidence? I would like to know: Is the path of Judaism and its faith absolutely certain?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Heshvan 17 5783
    Ways of Redemption

    Will Redemption Come With or Without a Mashiah?

    Who will ingather our exiles to the Land of Israel – will it be G-d, or the Mashiah? What is the source that a person will ingather us?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Heshvan 10 5783

    I'm Finding it Hard to Forgive

    What happens if someone does something bad to someone else, but the perpetrator cannot ask forgiveness (because the other one harmed him physically or verbally)? I have a friend who has hurt me very much, more than once. She knows what she did and has asked forgiveness, but she doesn't really know the extent of what she caused me. I spend lots of time with her and I act as if everything is fine, but deep inside I find it hard to really forgive her; I'm still very hurt. I would like to know what I should do so that I can know how to really forgive her. Is there something I could study on this topic, or maybe something that could help me work on my character or something like that?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Elul 20 5782
    Jewish Thought Study

    How Can We Know There Is a G-d?

    How can we know with certainty that there is a G-d?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Sivan 18 5782
    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    How Free Is Our Free Will

    Question about our free choice between Good and Evil

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Tevet 20 5782
    Praying, Kiddush and the Meals

    Why Did G-d Make Israel Special?

    Why is the Nation of Israel considered greater than others? Why does G-d relate to Israel differently than the other peoples? Is this not discrimination? Why were the others created, if from the outset Israel takes precedence?

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Elul 26 5781
    G-d's leadership in the world

    Why Does G-d Test Me With Such Difficult Challenges?

    Rav Uriel Tuito of Beit El delivers an important answer to a series of similar but different questions on a critically crucial topic.

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Av 21 5781
    The Nation of Israel

    On Loving Israel and Relating to Transgressors

    The sages told R' Zeira that one should "reject with the left hand and embrace with the right." R' Zeira, however, preferred to focus on the sin, not the sinner. He believed that even a hard-core sinner has a virtuous seed hidden away in his soul.

    Rabbi Oriel Twito | Tevet 5676
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