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Why Is it "Good" for the Religious that Zionism was a Secular Movement?

Religious Zionists strive to gradually make Israel more religious. Rav Kook controversially explains why despite our aforementioned desire, it was davka beneficial that many of the early active Zionists, at the forefront: Herzl, were clearly non-religious & often even "anti". Rav Kook explains how the religious in exile tended to be passive not pragmatic. Also, in the heated debate: should we wait passively for God to redeem us, or should we hasten the redemption, the secular solved the issue by simply, not asking the rabbis! Similarly historically, most of the Jews were already beginning to assimilate, & the redemption is for all of Israel & mankind, not just for the religious. Secular Zionism was relevant even to the non-believing.


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 24 5781
20 min listen
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