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Zionism- The Gate to Altruism, Humility, Godliness & Geula

Many wonder why the redemption began with Zionism & nationalism rather than with "observing 1 Shabbat"? Rav Kook explain that humility is the most important trait, see Moshe Rabbenu and all the mussar classics. Similarly, altruism- selfless giving, is the reason for creation, that even God wants to be altruistic, although this doesn't infer that He lacks anything, for altruism is, by definition, giving without gain. The national framework of living in a Jewish State where everyone is Jewish, sacrificing 3 years in the army & even one's life if needed, obligated chessed to each & every person, saving water, giving "tremps" to eachother, etc. help us rise above our personal smallness to a life of ideals & constant giving, altruism= Godliness.


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 9 5781
28 min listen
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