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Dvar Torah on Parashat Bo


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Shevat 2, 5769
Hi Rabbi, I am getting married on the 7th of Shvat 5769 I have to say a Dvar Torah for Parashat Bo. I was thinking of talking about the the first Mitvah in the torah as is mentioned in parashat bo. Would it be better to talk about the new moon? I am lost as there is a lot of negative in the parasha and I am looking for a good angle. please help if you can.
The new moon is a good thing to talk about Here are some point you can elaborate on. The moon has a monthly cycle and the woman has a monthly cycle, this is the link between the woman and the first mitzvah We do Kidush Levanah and the wedding starts with Kidushin The moon gets its light from the sun – this relates to the relationship between man and woman.
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