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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parsha Summary: Tazria-Metzora


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

This week's double-reading discusses the various categories of tumah (spiritual impurity) emanating from human beings, e.g. a woman who gives birth. The bulk of our 2 Parshiyot deals with Tzara'at, a disease affecting the skin (or clothes or house) of a person, which is a physical manifestation of a spiritual disorder. Though a number of anti-social sins can cause tzara'at, the primary reason for its outbreak is Lashon Hara, improper use of speech.

Upon examination by a Kohen, one is pronounced tahor or tamei. If tamei, he is isolated outside the camp. Later, he immerses in a Mikva, brings korbanot & shaves his body as part of the purification process.
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