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Parshat HaShavua Israel/Diaspora

Rabbi Ari ShvatIyyar 4, 5778
this year the weekly Torah portion read in the Diaspora are out of sync with Israel because of Pesach. The Diaspora will ’catch up’ with Behar/Bechukotai. Yet in 5776 when this happened, the ’catch up’ was Matot Massei. Why the difference?
Two years ago, in 5776, it was different because it was a leap year and there were 2 Adars. In such a year, obviously many double-parshas are split up. For possible reasons why our chutz laAretz brothers unite with us davka before Behar-B’Chukotai or Matot-Masei, see Rabbi Phil Chernofsky’s suggestions at: file:///C:/Users/arish/Downloads/oosss.pdf
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