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Woman's pleasure

Rabbi Gideon Weitzman12 Shevat 5764
I’d like to know if it is Asur for women to masturbate. thank you.
Shalom U'vrachah According to the halachah that it is forbidden to masturbate so as not to waste seed, then it is obvious that women are not included in this prohibition and therefore it would be permitted. ] However, the Rambam (Perush haMishnah, Sanhedrin 7:4) mentions many acts that while allowed are in the category of "maseh Mitzrayim" lude acts that are similar to those performed in Egypt. In Egypt sexual pleasure was an aim in and of itself and not as a means to draw a loving married couple closer together. Such acts are prohibitted and are not appropriate for a Jew. Kol Tuv
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