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Noahide obligations


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 21, 5774
Shalom! our group here in the philippines has recently studied about the noahide laws. we were formerly part of the messianic group who believes in Yeshu as the messiah. we tried to practice shabbat and we eat only the clean foods stated in the torah. however, one friend has shared us about the noahide laws which tell us that we, as non-jews, are not obligated to do such things-in the manner of the jews. that friend also urged us to connect with a rabbi who can teach and guide us through our study of the torah. we hope that you can help us with this need. if it’s really necessary that we have a rabbi then is there any rabbi that you might recommend for us..toda raba!
It is true that there is no need whatsoever for Noachides to fulfill the 613 commandments of which only Jews are obligated, and it’s actually extraneous and unnecessary. By following the seven Noachide commandments (adultery, idolatry, murder, not eating flesh taken from a live animal, not cursing God, stealing, and making sure there is a justice system in your locale), in all of their details, and supporting the Chosen People of Israel (for example, against their enemies like Iran), one fulfills that which God wants of them, and has a share in the world to come. If you’d like, you can become an official authorized Noachide by declaring your acceptance of the above before a rabbinical religious court (usually done in Israel). For guidance, you might want to see some interesting website which may help you and provide you with a framework and guiding rabbi for your activities, such as All the best in your quest for truth!
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