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Brit Milah Seuda

Following the Brit Milah of my son two weeks ago, there were not enough men to say the ’Harachamans’ in the benching of the Seudat Mitzvah. Is it permissible to say the Harachamans for the baby at a future time instead, when a Minyan is present?
At first Mazal Tov. The Harachaman in the Benching is not an obligatory prayer; it is a nice and commonly practiced Ashkenazi custom. Therefore, you can say it in the Benching in the Seudah of the Brit Milah even without a Minyan. Similarly, though you don’t have to, you can recite these verses of Harachaman in a different Seudah celebrating this occasion. In fact, it is interesting to note that in some communities the custom is to celebrate the third day after the Brit rather than the day of the Brit itself (Otzr HaBrit)
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