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Naming a child - minhag

Dear Rabbi, My wife is Ashkenazi and I am Sephardi. Iy"H we will soon be having our first child. We have two questions about naming the child. a) We both have family traditions regarding naming the child. Hers, standard Ashkenazi, mine standard Sephardi. Are these traditions to be considered as proper minhagim? b) If our minhagim conflict, then whose minhag should we follow?
In general, a couple follows the minhagim of the husband. An overriding consideration, however, should be shalom bayit - maintaining harmony in the family - and in questions like giving a name the choice should be acceptable to both the father and the mother. May your baby arrive b'shaa tova u'mutzlachat bringing you joy as you raise the child to Torah and Mitzvot.
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