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Tying shoes


Rabbi David Sperling

Av 25, 5777
Shalom rav! I’ve understood that I should wear my 1st shoe on my right foot, then 2nd on my left, tie left and then tie right. my question is if my strong foot is my left foot, should I do the opposit? meaning, first wearing my left shoe? (I play football with my left foot and jump with it as well) thank you, Daniel.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. You are correct in that one should first put on their right shoe, then the left, and then tie the left shoe and then the right. (This is because the right side has preference – except with knots, when we give preference to the left, as we do when tieing tefilling, which go on the left arm). You ask about someone who is left footed. In halacha this is determined by which foot a person steps off with first, or as you write, which foot a person kicks with. In the question of putting the shoes on, you will always put on the right hand first. This is because the right side gets preference because of it's universal significance. As to the knotting – which follows the importance of the tefillin knot – the question arises as to whether we follow the individual or the norm. There is a discussion about this (see the Mishna Brurah 2, 6 and the Piskay Tshuvot 2, 6). There are those that say (Bachor Shor) that a left footed person should tie the right lace first. (All the more so if they are also left handed). That would seem to be the correct thing to do in your case. Blessings.
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