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Digital Picture Frame in Shul on Shabbos


Various Rabbis

Nisan 29, 5768
I live in an Modern Orthodox community in American. We have a diverse group of Jews; Baal Teshuvah, Black Hats, etc. The community is situated around a major shul with 7 minyanim on shabbos. This is the only local shul to daven in. There are many youths in here obviously and the local days schools are all mixed, which is according to the local rabbi’s philosophy. The shul has installed a very large (42") digital picture frame that runs 7 days a week, advertising the shuls events, fundraisers, etc. While I am sure that the rabbi is correct that this is not michalal shabbos, many of us in the community are concerned that this isn’t shabbos kodesh and the effect this is having on our kids who are seeing this on shabbos (it looks like a TV). The question is: Is this halachically permissible and is there an halacha on the kodesh of shabbos? Also, any advise would be helpful on this matter. For some reason, our words have no effect on this matter with the shul.
The subject should be discussed with the Rabbi of the community and he should explain the points to the community. There is no Halachic problem with the screen as it is known that no Chilul Shabbat is involved. Rabbi Yitzchak Grinblat
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