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1st yartziet during nissan


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar II 9, 5771
My father’s’( z’l) 1st yartziet falls on the 7th of Nissan. Can I go to the cemetery on his yartzeit? In general can I go to the cemetery for his yartziet during Nissan . If not when do I go? thank you
Shalom, In the work "Mourning In Halacha" (Rav Goldberg- chapter 42, 11) he writes:- "Some have the custom not to visit the grave during the month of Nissan. If one has a yahrzeit during Nissan, one visits the grave the day before Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Nevertheless, if one did not visit then, and the yahrzeit occurs during Nissan, he may visit on the day of the yahrzeit. However, one should not recite the supplications (techinot) which are customarily recited on an ordinary day. On the other hand, some have the custom that there is no objection to visiting the grave during Nissan." If you, or your community, has no set custom, my advice to visit the grave both this, and every year on the yahrzeit, but to refrain from excessive crying if possible.
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