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Second bowl of soup - Heating cold soup

Rabbi David SperlingShevat 20, 5775
Dear Rabbi If somone is having a second bowl of soup on shabbos and has some cold soup left on the bottom of the bowl, does one need to be machmir about drying it first? Thanks
Shalom, Thank you for your question. You are correct that there is an issue of "recooking" the cold soup remains in the bottom of the bowl. However, there are many reasons which taken together give ample support to a lenient ruling in this question. Firstly, the new soup is being poured onto the soup remains from a second vessel, if we consider the ladle a second vessel. In such a situation it will not "cook" the cold soup remains. Secondly, there is the opinion of the Rambam that there is no "recooking" with fully cooked liquids, such as the cold soup. Also, there is room to discuss intent in this case, where one is not intending to reheat the cold remains. For all these reasons, (and others) one may pour a second serving of soup into a bowl that has some cold remains from the first serving in it. Blessings.
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