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Is cocoa powder roasted thereby already cooked?


Rabbi David Sperling

Elul 4, 5780
Hi there, Thank you so much for your answer!!!! Yes it helped me so much!!!! Thank you!!!! I’m just still wondering regarding the actual cocoa powder...since most cocoa powders are usually, roasted, does that mean it is considered cooked? Thereby regardless of what temperature water is poured on it on Shabbat you are not actually cooking it? And is adding coconut milk from a can, so it is quite thick and viscous, straight from the coconut, to a hot drink, considered cooking as well? Thank you so much again,
Shalom, Thank you for your question. In the book Maor HaShabbat (at the begiining of section 2) they write that many instant powders, such as cocoa powder as well as sugar substitutes etc, are sometimes made with ingredients that are not fully cooked. Because of this doubt it would be wise to treat them as not fully cooked, and not put them directly into a kli rishon (a first vessel) even when it has been removed from the fire, nor into a kli sheni (the cup the hot water is poured into from the kettle or urn). There is an additional reason to be strict, and that is because some opinions believe that powders and substances that are designed to dissolve (such as sugar, instant coffee etc), even if fully cooked, should be treated more strictly, similar to the way we deal with cold cooked liquids. As to the coconut milk, I am also unaware if it is precooked or raw. With all this in mind your best, and easiest, way to prepare a hot drink on Shabbat is as we wrote previously. That is, to pour the water from the urn or kettle into a jug (or thermos). Then to pour from that jug into a cup (this would then be a kli shlishi – a third vessel). The cup is now a third vessel and you may add anything to it (according to major opinions). If for practical reasons it is easier to pour the hot water over the cocoa powder etc, then you could put the cocoa into an empty cup and pour from the third cup into the cup with the cocoa in it. Blessings.
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