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Incorporating Halachot - Ashkenazi, Sfaradi


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

2 Kislev 5767
Shalom, Is it Halachikly allowed to follow different Halachot from different Edot? Since they are all Halacha, would it be allowed to choose the Halachot that speak mostly to you? Or is there a problem with that? If there is a problem, can you please explain why? Thank you very much!
In many matters it is common for people to adopt customs that are in accordance with the practice of different communities. Some people follow the basic customs of their parents, but make a few exceptions. Some people, often Ba'alei T'shuva, have no clear parental customs and end up adopting customs as they come upon them or choose them. The problem comes up if there are contradictions between the halachic logic of one custom and another. This is especially crucial if we are not talking about local custom but about halachic decision making in which consistency and logic are crucial (along with the connection that one should feel when performing mitzvot. Having some customs/decision which are from different Edot necessitates a deep understanding of halachic logic. I suggest discussing specific issues with a qualified rabbi to check that varient practices don't lead to mutually exclusive positions.
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