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Reheating LIquids with Solids on Shabbat

Various RabbisKislev 26, 5768
I frequently attend my wife’s grandparents’ home for Shabbat meals and they are not so careful when it comes to reheating solids that have liquids with them (ie chicken with large amounts of gravy). In the past my wife has told her grandmother to not reheat liquids (she does not reheat soup for example) but forgets with solids that have lots of surrounding liquid. Is this food permissible to eat?
The Mishna Berura writes that if there is an opinion that is lenient then Bediavad one may eat the food after the mistake. Therefore, the food may be eaten as the Rambam Paskens that one may heat liquids, as a rule we do not follow this psak of the Rambam. Rabbi Binyamin Bamberger
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