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Warming Drawer on Shabbat


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

11 Nisan 5764
Is one permitted to place food in a warming drawer before Shabbat and take out a few items at a time? Is there a difference if the temp can be adjusted from 110-240 degrees? Is one permitted to place food into this drawer on Shabbat?
There are Poskim who permit placing cooked dry food on the Platta on Shabbat because it is never used for cooking and its very name -Shabbat Platta- and its use only on Shabbat, negate the reasons for a possible Issur (Shu"y Y'Chavve Daat ii 45). I understand that the warming drawer is used also during the week but only for warming. This means that even though there is no problem of "looking like cooking", there is a problem with the risk of someone, without thinking, adjusting the heat to speed the warming since this is what is done all week. Before Shabbat, remove the knob that adjusts the heat or cover it with masking tape.
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