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Difference between G-d and G-dliness/ Creator and created

Rabbi Ari ShvatIyyar 23, 5774
Rabbi, Thank you for your response. I do not understand the difference between G-d is everywhere and G-dliness is everywhere. If like you said, the world is "in" G-d, then isn’t everything in the world G-d? What is the essential difference creator and created?
Shalom! G-d is the Eternally Active, all-Knowing and Intervening Creator and the world was created (like the difference between active-Creator and passive-created)- accordingly He is greater and more encompassing than the world. He has Free Will and the world doesn’t (except for man, where G-d willed to give us will- nevertheless, regarding his creation, man was totally passive). He chose to reveal Himself to different extents in different aspects of His creation (=G-dliness). For example, the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple), Jerusalem, and the Land of Israel are different levels of G-dly revelation in place/space. Similarly the Torah/mitzvot, the 13 attributes, prophecy, and Jewish history are different levels of G-dly revelation in history. Similarly, inanimate, vegetation, animate and human are all different levels of G-dly revelation. In general, it’s great to ask questions, but may I suggest investing more time and questioning to understand the “ways of G-d” which we can and should emulate (through His mitzvot and traits) and which have countless practical ramifications, rather than trying to understand God Himself, which “If I understood Him, I would be Him” (Sefer HaIkkarim). Shabbat Shalom!
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