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70 Panim - Why?


Rabbi Berel Wein

9 Tevet 5763
I have no doubts that Ha-Shem ekhad u shmo ekhad. But how did that expression "shiv"im panim le Torah" come around? That’s what keeps bugging me. Why would G-d want to get us confused. Why not to keep it simple or should I say a little bit more simple? We are small nation. But look how divided we are!? Some times two Jews would not talk to each other over the thing like eating or not eating rice on Pesach. Which is not the matter of Halacha as far as I know. My heart is torn apart when I look at the things like that. Ha-Shem ekhad u shmo ekhad, and His people must be "EKHAD" and undivided by insignificant and some times doubtful customs. So, again, why should we have "70 panim le torah"?
Life is not that simple and neither is God. Shivim panim allows for sophistication and intellectual appreciation of Torah. Jews who do not talk to each other because of differing customs simply are in violation of Torah spirit and attitude. Never judge Judaism by the behavior of Jews.
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