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Kashrut in Israel

Rabbi Elchanan Lewis3 Kislev 5765
Dear Rabbi, We have recently made aliya from America. With regards to Kashrut Certification. Is there any good reason to doubt the Rabbanut Hechsherim on food? In other words, may one eat food with a rabbanut hechsher or should one only eat mehadrin or bedatz food? Many thanks
congratulations for your move. All Rabbanut food is Kosher. It is true that within the system there are different levels of strictness – and that is only natural. Some Rabbanut food is better supervised than Badatz etc. and vice versa. Bottom line is that if you want a better Hashgachah than the standard – you will have to investigate with people that know (and there are not to many that really know) which Hashgacha is good and which is better. (I am not an authority on that – try the chief rabbinate in Jerusalem.) Good luck.
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