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Sakanah by Mitzvot


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 17, 5782
In continuation: The Meshech Chochma suggests that the reason ladies are exempt from having children [Pru u'Rvu] is because God doesn't want to obligate something which is painful and perhaps even dangerous. So it sounds like we are (!) concerned about danger which apparently supersedes mitzvot!
When the Torah exempts, like by women not being obligated in having children, that rationale can be suggested (together with the Meshech Chochma's other answer there, that women naturally wish to have children, anyway). On the other hand, when the Torah obligates, and knowingly includes the element of danger, it apparently is saying that in these cases [e.g. like the death penalty as a deterrent, conquering and protecting the Land and Nation of Israel, and the national "sign" of Brit Mila] the mitzva is so important that the Torah singles them out as superseding the general rule, that even a slight danger, supersedes most other mitzvot.
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