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Ketubah after divorce/get

I was once married. I have received my divorce and the get has been finalized. My ex has left the get in my possession. How do I dispose of it according to Jewish Law? Thank you in advance.
The custom in many places is that after the "get" has been given, the Bet Din then disposes of it. Different explanations have been given to this custom. They then issue a document called "Ma'aseh bet din" declaring that the woman is once again non-married. The absence of such a document can cause problems should the woman decide to remarry. I therefore suggest that you speak to your local Bet Din to verify what the local custom is. (ט"ז אבן העזר סי' קכ"ה, ס"ק יז, שו"ת יביע אומר חלק ו' חלק אבן העזר סוף סימן יא. וחלק ד' סימן יב אות ז' וסוף סימן יד, תרומת הדשן, פסקים וכתבים סי' מ (
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