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Naming a baby girl Romi


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nisan 18, 5774
Hello and Hag Sameach. Me and my husband were thinking about naming our baby daughter B"H Romi. we like the name but afraid it is not a good name. we were also thinking about Adi but we connected to Romi more. Please advise us since we want to make sure she will have a good name. Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing back from you.
Shalom, Chag Same’ach and Mazal Tov! Our rabbis teach us that when choosing a name, the parents are granted a type of ru’ach hakodesh (holy spirit of wisdom), so if you connect with a name, that’s a good sign. This is obviously on condition that there’s no problem with that particular name, for example one shouldn’t give male names to females, nor use names of bad people, nor give non-Hebrew names. In your case, the name Romi is a beautiful Hebrew name which also has spiritual, idealistic and religious significance. Romi means “my exalted” or “my praised”, (as in “l’romem”, “rom’mu Hashem” “aromimcha Hashem”…) which explicitly refers to praising Hashem (God) (and clearly not to the capital of Italy!). May you merit to rear and raise her to Torah, chuppah and ma’asim tovim!
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