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Traumas, Maimonides & the sciences


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 21, 5782
1.does the torah have anything to say about healing past life traumas 2. “As long as you are occupied with the mathematical sciences and the technique of logic, you belong to those who walk around the palace in search of the gate… When you complete your study of the natural sciences and get a grasp of the metaphysics, you enter into the inner courtyard and are in the same house as [G-d the King].” - Moses Maimonides ^when he says " When you complete your study of the natural sciences " which subjects (and levels of them) is he talking about, and do we need to learn those in order to reach the inner courtyard or can we bypass learning those and still get into the inner courtyard?
1. The topic of reincarnation is not mentioned in the Torah, but rather in kabbalistic sources. They refer to "tikunim" or how to correct previous mistakes, but I'm not familiar with anywhere where it deals with previous traumas. The idea of relating to traumas is a relatively modern issue that developed with the advent of modern psychology. 2. The "natural sciences" include mathematics, biology, agronomy, logic, astronomy and all wisdoms necessary to understand the various topics in the Torah. In general, almost all knowledge is good, but there are different levels of importance, some are absolutely necessary as ideals in understanding Torah, while others are less necessary. Maimonides refers to the other sciences as "cooks and servants", as opposed to the Torah which is the master himself.
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