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Torah Study and Prayer By Bnai Noah/gentiles


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 7, 5774
SHALOM Dear Rabbi, Can a Ben Noach read the following books: 1) TORAH with RASHI´s commentary 2) TORAH with RambaN´s commentary 3) TZENEH U´RENEH (Yaakov ben Yitzchak Ashkenazi) 4) TANACH 5) KITZUR SHULCHAN ARUCH 6) MISHNEH TORAH Can a Noahide pray from the folowing books? 1) TEHILLIM 2) JEWISH SIDDUR (Avoidind the prayers that only apply to Jews) Thanks, Gonzalo Navarro
Hello Gonzalo. First of all allow me to say that I admire your quest for truth very much. As logic dictates, Bnai Noach should concentrate on the 7 mitzvot in which they are obligated. To learn Jewish sources is not only confusing but even counterproductive, because often, the requirements of Jews and Bnai Noach, even on the very same issue, are different (sometimes, the Noachide laws are even stricter than the Jewish ones). Regarding prayer, yes a Noahide can voluntarily pray from a regular siddur, and as you mentioned, obviously avoiding those phrases specifically for Jews which are simply inaccurate (like the term “the God of our fathers”, “you took us out of Egypt”, etc.). You can even make the blessings before pleasure (before eating, fragrance, etc.). If you want, you can even pray in a synagogue with Jews (although you should point out to them that you’re not Jewish, for obvious reasons). [Please note that for Christians who are not Bnai Noah, to pray in a synagogue is more problematic]. Similarly, it’s very commendable for Bnai Noah to say Tehillim, which is also like prayer. I suggest visiting one of the sites which deals with the details, of Bnai Noah, see for example: All the Best, Rabbi Ari Shvat
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