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Rabbi Ari ShvatIyyar 10, 5772
Is it true that until we figure out our curse we will never see the King? Is the prophecy here but we keep missing it?
Shalom John, Together with the trait of justice, G-d also has many other traits, including kindness and forgiveness, and if He wishes to renew prophecy or hasten the redemption, it can be even if we don’t deserve it. It could be in the merit of our fathers, or for the covenant with our fathers, out of mercy, out of pity for all Israel has suffered in His Name, or because we deserve it (for we don’t know the essential value of each deed), out of love, or for many different reasons, even simply because the time has come! Prophecies have been coming true all the time, but especially since the modern return of Israel to the Land of Israel. It is also possible that new prophecies could be around, but that we’re not ‘tuned-in” enough to catch them. With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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