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Does corona make us united or separated?

Rabbi Ari ShvatTammuz 10, 5780
Does corona make us united or separated?
Corona has clearly united the family unit, as opposed to the community or nation, but also has divided and separated the national, as opposed to the international (closing borders and preventing international travel). Judaism teaches altruism and we all have an inclination to be too self-centered. Apparently, and inevitably, God wants us to strengthen and rediscover the necessity of our family unit and nation. The family unit is selfless and altruistic, compared to the individual, and also educates and prepares us to be sharing towards our extended family, Am Yisrael, as well. We can understand this by drawing concentric circles within circles, where the basic "Me" is in the middle, surrounded by my family, which is surrounded by my nation, which is surrounded by mankind. Individualism and universalism are nice, but their extreme, i.e. selfishness and losing one's identity (in the very middle and the most external of the 4 circles), have become problematic. Apparently, God is helping us focus on the 2 middle stages, which are being neglected, especially in the "Me Generation", and Globalization. Through the recent challenges of Corona and anti-Semitism, many Jews are also reawakening to the fact and realization that, in the end of the day, we can and should, rely on our family and our "nation", which is the Jewish People= Am Yisrael (Israel), and not England, France or America.
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