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My name the same as Father in law


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

1 Av 5764
I am a frum Yeshiva Bochur who comes from a frum home, and I was wondering if there is a problem in marrying a girl if her father is called the same as me. I have a second name and so does her father but we are both called by friends by the same name. Maybe I will have to change my name; (be called by my second name) or maybe its not a problem?
Rabbi Yehuda Hachassid wrote in his will that one should not marry a wife if her fathers name is similar to his. There are many reasons why not to follow that, if because he only wrote to his family, or if the full name (second name) is not the same, or because some hold that the above applies only for third generation (if her grandfather is named the same) I any event – if you are already engaged or you think this girl is for you – you should marry her, and forget about the matter, however if you have no feelings towards her and you have many other options to pick from – maybe better to let go.
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