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Sledding on Shabbat


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

3 Kislev 5765
Is it permissible to go sledding on Shabbat? Is there a distinction in this matter between children and adults? (Can I let my kids go sledding in our fenced in back yard on Shabbat). In particular, I am talking about the plastic, flat-bottom sleds that slide on top of the snow. I am not talking about a sled with runners. I am talking about sledding within a fenced in area, a private domain, or within an acceptable Eruv. Also, if the sled has a rope attached to the front of it, is it permissible for a child to sit in the sled and another child or an adult pull them along in the snow. Again, within a fenced in area private back yard, or within an acceptable Eruv.
There is no problem with that.
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