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The Kennedy Family


Rabbi Berel Wein

16 Cheshvan 5763
Here in the US in the state of Maryland there is a Kennedy running for Governer. Most frum Jews know about the curse put on the Kennedy family after the first Kennedy coming over from Europe publicly insulted the Rabbi during davening on the boat ride coming over to the states. This is why the Kennedy family for years after that have had so much Tzarot . Keeping all this in mind would it be Halachicly wrong for a Jew to vote for this Kennedy for the Governer of the state of Maryland?
The story of the alleged curse is pure legend, fabricated after Kennedy was running for President. In any event, Jews don't put curses on anybody. You should vote for whomever you feel to be the better person and candidate and will represent moral and Torah interests. In any event, I have sometimes felt that helping a person attain public office is in itself a form of revenge against that person. Rabbi Berel Wein
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