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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Kislev 6, 5781
What bracha do you make at the bedeken?
ב"ה Shalom There is a minhag= custom to give a Bracha to the Bride, after the groom covers her face with the veil , the "Badeken" אֲחֹתֵנוּ אַתְּ הֲיִי לְאַלְפֵי רְבָבָה בראשית פרק כד:ס) ) which means "Our sister grow into thousands of myriads" , which is a blessing of fruitfulness and abundance . It was the blessing which Lavan gave to Rivka upon leaving his house to marry Yitzchak. The Chatam Sofer (תורת (משה בראשית writes that although this blessing came from the mouth of Lavan who was not a Tzaddik, nonetheless we have converted his words to suit our purposes to bless our Jewish sisters upon entering the Chuppa. All the best
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