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Kashiring a Kettle

Dear Rabbi I just poured steaming hot water from a kettle straight into a cup that had meaty soup powder (kosher) in it. The steam from the cup reached the outside of the kettle kettle - I assume making it fleishik? How do I go about making the kettle parev again? It’s a steel kettle with plastic handle and lid. It seems that only the metal part was touched by steam. The kettle is mostly metal inside with a few its of plastic (to hold the lid screws in place and for the ’filter’ for the spout. If it requires kashering in a pot of boiling water, how should I dip it in without the electronics getting wet? Many thanks,
The opinion of the poskin is that the kettle is not to be assumed "fleishig"=meaty and the kettle remains pareve. The same kettle can be used to pour hot water into milk.
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