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Chuppa for an Arel

Is there anyway to make a Chuppa for somebody that didnt have a Brit?
One should definitely make a Chuppah for an uncircumcised man. This question was addressed by Rabbi David Tzvi Hoffman Z”l Dean of the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary, and he says as follows: A Mumar LeAreilus is consideres a Mumar to one thing and it is definitely permitted to be Mesader Kiddushin for him, because even by a Mumar to violate Shabbos in public that is considered a Mumar to the whole entire Torah we find no Prohibition to be Mesader Kiddushin for him. “because in this marriage he is not doing a Prohibition, on the contrary he is doing a Mitzvah”. especially in our days we should not deprive him from Sidur Kiddushin, because that will cause him to marry a woman in a civil marriage without Kiddushin, and what will we gain if he will add anouther sin. Rabbi Hoffmann adds that in a situation where many rabbis agree not to be Mesader Kiddishin to the uncircumcised as a regulation, in order to prevent people from raising their children uncircumcised, it is fine. However in our days there is no question that a regulation like this would have the opposite effect. The right thing to do, is to make a Chuppah for Jews on all spiritual levels, and like the Chazon Ish had written “To reach out and bring them closer with bonds of love”. [שו"ת מלמד להועיל חלק ב סימן עט, חזון איש יו"ד סימן ב אות טז]
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