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yogurt parfait - bracha acronah

Rabbi David SperlingShevat 11, 5780
I just read your answer on what is the Bracha Reshona for a yogurt parfait. What would the Bracha Acharonah be?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. [This answer will be fully understood after reading the original question and answer that this follow question refers to]. The correct after bracha for a yogurt parfait will depend on what the first bracha was. If one said ha'atz or ha'adamah (or both of these blessings), then the after bracha will be boraih nefashot. If one said mezonot, then one needs to say the longer me'ayn shalosh, (al ha'michya) bracha. However there is an important point to take into consideration. An after bracha is only recited if one ate a keziyit amount of food (about the size of a matchbox) within 4 minuets (some opinions give other time lengths, but 4 minuets is a good middle ground opinion). Additionally, the al ha'michya bracha will only be recited after mezonot if one ate a keziyit of mezonot within the 4 minuets – not counting the non-mezonot part of the food. So, even if the grains were important enough to make the first blessing of mezonot, if there is a large portion of yogurt and fruits that are eaten together with the mezonot, the after bracha will not be al ha'michya unless there was a large enough portion of mezonot that one ate a keziyit of the mezonot itself in the 4 minuets. If not, the the shorter boraih nefashot bracha is said. So, in conclusion – most probably the after bracha will be just boraih nefshot. But, in the case where there was a large amount of mezonot that warrented the first bracha of “mezonot” then, if one ate a keziyits worth of the mezonot itself in 4 minutes one will need to say the al hamicha after bracha (as well as the boriah nefashot after bracha if one recited also a ha'atz or ha'adamah and ate a keziyits worth of the yogurt and fruit). Blessings.
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