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Fleishig knife accidentally used for butter

Various RabbisSivan 28, 5773
Shalom, A clean, cold fleishig knife was accidentally used to spread butter. What is the status of this knife? Is it still kosher? If not, is there a way to rekasher it? Thank you for your time. Kol tuv, Ariela
Shalom and thank you for the question. When a clean (meaty) fleishig dish was used for milky food there might be a problem of taste passing from the dish to the food or the opposite. In general, taste does not pass from food to a dish or vice verse if both are cold. Therefore the knife is kosher and does not have to be Kasherd, just cleaned well. This rule has a few exceptions like cutting spicy food. You can expand on the topic at the following response: Rabbi Yisrael Wende
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