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Extending a flame on shabbat


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

1 Elul 5764
BS"D The Halacha is that it is forbidden to ignite or extend a flame on Shabbat. I was taught that all the laws of Shabbat were derived from the laws pertaining to the Mishkan. It occurred to me last Shabbat that regarding the Mussaf Tefilla on Shabbat it states that Korbanot for Shabbat were offered. Surely that involved extending the flame on the alter to the animal parts that were burnt via being sacrificed. So from where is the prohibition of extending a flame on Shabbat derived, please? Is this prohibition of extending a flame D’orayta or D’rabbanan?
the Torah Shmot 35 3 writes a clear prohibition to kindle a fire on Shabbat – that is an Issur Deoraita. The Talmud Shabbat 20 A explains that this prohibition does not apply in the case of the service in Bet Hamikdash.
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