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Wearing Knots of Tzitzit Out

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky11 Cheshvan 5765
I’ve heard that one is called a "Yuhara" (Ba’al Ga’ava) if he wears the knots of his Tzitzit outside his pants, and I was wondering if there is any basis whatsoever to this claim. I’m not talking about the actual Beged being worn over the shirt, but rather just the knots and strings of the Tzitzit. From Mishna Berura 8:25 and 26 it seems that this claim is rather false.
According to the Mishna Brura, it is proper to wear the strings and knots out, to fulfill the verse "and you shall see them". However, the Sephardic Poskim opposed this interpretation, and said seeing refers to the time one puts them on. Some of the Sephardim consider wearing the Tzitzit out as "Yuhara".
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