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Cookie Butter bracha


Rabbi David Sperling

Tevet 22, 5778
What is the correct Bracha (Rishona and Acharona) for cookie butter? It is a spread that contains crushed up lotus cookies, but does not at all resemble cookies. Thanks!
Shalom, Thank you for your question. I admit that I have not myself tasted or seen the cookie butter spread, but after researching about it, and asking people who have eaten it, I feel I can write to you as follows. Firstly, most people eat the spread on bread or crackers etc. If it is eaten in this way it is definitively secondary to the bread or cracker, and the bracha is made over the bread or cracker. If it is eaten by itself (straight from the spoon), then the bracha would be mezonot. This is because the basic ingredient is the crushed up cookies. Mezonot (as opposed to bread and fruits and vegetables) does not loose it's blessing when crushed. The other foods has a particular form that when completely crushed turns the food into something else, and thus a different blessing. This is not the case with mezonot which has no particular form, and so even when crushed into a spread retains it's original mezonot blessing. So, before eating the spread the blessing is “mezonot” and the after blessing (if one ate an amount equal to a keziet in a short time span of no more than around 4 minuets) then the “al ha'michya” blessing is recited. All this seems correct to me – but as I haven't had the pleasure of seeing or tasting the food myself, I would add that if we hear of a different halachic opinion about the blessing, I would be more than happy to review the halacha again. Blessings.
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