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What bracha do I say on wraps?

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky16 Tishrei 5768
Must one wash, say hamotzee, and bentch on the type of food known as "wraps?" These usually involve a thin layer of dough used to wrap (hence the name) some sort of filler, anything from vegetables to egg salad to meat. It is unclear what the ikar is, and I am not sure how the wrap itself is prepared. Thank You
I imagine that wraps are prepared differently in different places. The ones I have seen would depend. If you are eatuing a meal with the wraps as the main staple, wash, HaMotzi and Birkat HaMazon. If it is a snack, Mezonot. This depends both on intent and quantity. There is a certain degree of disagreement among poskim as to what constitutes a meal. When in doubt, it always helps to have a slice of bread.
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