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Avodah Zorah


Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein

23 Av 5767
I was recently on a business trip, and while I found the city to be very nice etc., I am a bit concerned. I visited an Asian Restaurant, not owned by Jews, (Under the local Rabbis) There seemed to be active idolatry taking place. There was a statue of Buddha, where they had placed a large bowl of oranges and burning incense right in the entrance to the place. At the end of the meal I was served oranges (Possibly ones that were previously in front of Buddha) Is this place considered a "Bais Avodah Zorah" ? And can a Jew eat there?
The only way to know is by asking the local rabbis since they are the ones that give the hechsher. Not everything that looks like idol worship is halachikly idol worship that is why only the local rabbis who should be aware of the exact "practices" and "traditions" of that culture and that particular restaurant can know.
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