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Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein

10 Elul 5767
Shalom, I have a very technical question regarding kilayim. I would like to know what exactly the laws of kilayim are. How far apart do different species need to be to be excluded from kilayim? If both plants are considered kitneot is there a prohibition? Do herbs count? Is there a detailed book you know of that describes jewish agricultural laws? Thanks very much and have a great day.
You are asking a very general question and I am sorry but I can not give a whole class on kilayim through this media. I can recommend two good books in Hebrew. Kalman Kahana, Mitzvot Haaretz, Mircaz Hachaklaut, al pi Hatorah, Jerusalem: 7539; Avraham Goldberg, Haaretz Umitzvoteha Hashalem, Yitzira hotzeah, Jerusalem: 5752. It is very good that you are asking because these questions are important and anyone planting a home garden needs to know the laws.
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