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Rabbi Stewart Weiss

With Yosef's brothers accused of theft, Yehuda steps forward to ask Yosef for Binyamin's release, offering himself instead. As a result, Yosef finally is convinced his brothers are different from when they cast him into the pit and he reveals his true identity.

The brothers are ashamed; Yosef consoles them, telling them it was all part of Hashem's plan. He sends them back to Yakov with a message to come live in Goshen. When Yakov recognizes the truth, his spirit is revived. Yakov and his family set out for Goshen.

Hashem tells Yakov in a vision at night not to fear going down to Egypt, because there G-d will establish the Children of Israel as a great nation. The Torah lists Yakov's offspring: 70 souls descend to Egypt. Yosef is reunited with his father after 22 years of separation. He embraces Yakov and weeps with joy; Yakov says Shma. Yakov blesses Paro.

Yosef instructs the populace that, in return for grain, all Egypt (except the priests) must give everything to Paro, including themselves as slaves. Bnei Yisrael settles in Goshen and multiplies greatly.
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