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Sleeping during the day without tzizit


Rabbi David Sperling

Iyyar 7, 5775
Dear Rabbi If one sleeps longer than an hour during the day (without his tzizit on), would he be required to make a new bracha? In such a situation, is it advisable to sleep while wearing tzizit?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Your question is addressed explicitly in the Mishna Brurah (Chapter 8, 42) – "Someone who has a sleep in the day-time (for an afternoon rest), and takes their tzitzit off, there are various opinions amongst the codifiers as to whether that would be considered a "break in intention" [i.e. a break in the mitzvah that would warrant a new bracha afterwards], or not. Therefore the correct thing to do is to have the tzitzit spread over you when you sleep, and then when you put it on again after getting up, you do not say a new blessing according to all opinions". However, this ruling (to spread the tzitzit over you during a daytime sleep) is not a total obligation, but rather advice so as to avoid getting into a situation where there are different opinions. If you choose to sleep in the daytime without your tzitzit, it would seem that because there exists an argument as to whether you need to say a new blessing, you should put the tzitzit on without a blessing (sefek brachot l'hakel). Blessings.
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